Meet Anita! Anita is my most favorite Waitress at Bob Evans! WHY? Because she cares about the customers which I am sure they all do BUT she make an extra effort for people like ME:) She makes me feel important! When she comes to take our order she will ask us what we want to drink and I say the usual...lol!
THIS is the usual! MOCHAS!!! YUM!!!! Yup she brings me 2 right off the bat as I do drink them that fast!;)
When they are gone she brings me this! I never had to say anything! she must read minds too;)
Why do I think she reads minds? Cuz I was thinking it would be nice to have one to go now and WALA!

I know she thought we were crazy to want to take her picture but none the less she let us! THAT is a sign of a good caring waitress! Which I can feast on these as my meal! Good thing they have free refills;)

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