Kedric had a fun Birthday party! he had cousin Jack on far left and his friend Anthony in the neighborhood over along with Jacks mom and sis, and my parents... Aunt Teri cam when it was over as she works nights...
Kedric really likes sports so we did a sports theme Cleveland Indians Baseball...
Yes I made the cake;) Which was yummy;)

cousin Serena, Jack and Heidi
Grandma Suzie and Grandpa James
Me and Anthony ( he is 13)

we played some games for prizes ( candy bars) and had a nice time, I made a nice spread of Sloppy Joes, and BBQ beef sandwiches, chips and dip, fresh veggies and dip, Baked Beans, and mississippi mud bars, vanilla cake and 3 kinds of Tofts Ice cream! YUMMY!!!
Everyone had fun!
and now my baby is 11!

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Angela said...

Kedric's friend Anthony looks very familiar. By chance is he from Lakewood? He just looks so much like the Anthony that used to live downstairs from us in our duplex. His mom's name was Eileen.