40th and 50th SURPRISE Birthday party!

What a Great Time! My friend also known as my schoolmate and client was throwing a surprise party for 2 of her friends! I also know them! 1 was a schoolmate (40) and the other is a client(50)! What a hoot! She invited each of their families and close friends and we all had an amazing time! De-De turning 40 LOVES Disney especially MICKEY MOUSE! So you can tell which gift bag is hers:)

 Jacquie had pics blown up and made into frosting so cool, here is Geri's!

 She had her daughter help, Billie texted them each about mentoring her or something, and when she picked them up they blindfolded them and put head phones with IPODS and instructed them to not say a word!
she told them to trust her! ha! So they picked each girl up, and got them carefully in the car. Brought them to her house got them in the driveway unblinded them and took the headphones off and S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E...
I am still so impressed how they accomplished the whole thing!:)
 Tracey standing behind brought them each OVER THE HILL glasses...

 Me and Geri!
 Me and De-De
 Gotta love De-Des cake! this was taken from her highschool yrs:)

 This is De De with her 1 yr old grand daughter
 Blowing out the candles on their cakes...
 The girls....
 Geri and De De
 opening all their gifts!
post signatureThe whole family was invited Adam was at a friends and the other kiddos had a great time too as well as Bill:)

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