4th of July Parade and Fun

4TH of July was a fun HOT day! I do not mind the heat and love every min of it! Probably because I am working in AC so much! We have a local parade every year and Jelena and Adam were both in the band this year. For the 2nd year I have walked in it with TERRYS TAXI! Shelly That owns the business has been a good friend of mine for many many years! She got me a shirt and we passed out candy, pens, and coozies! Here are the 3 of us ready for the fun to begin!:)

So happy my mom and dad went and watched it with Bill and Kedric and mom took photos for me:)
 Adam is in the back left while Emily is in front Right ( she goes to our church)
 My dad and Bill trying to keep cool in the high 90 degree heat!
 Adam survived the walk;)
 Kedric and Jelena enjoying their refreshing popsicles that were passed out!
 TERRYS TAXI ( shelly driving this one)
 Me passing out pens;) Yes I know everyone kept saying how patriotic I was;)

 We had 2 vans in the parade while the others were on call and ready for duty!:) Shelly would LOVE to have me as a driver but the fact is I get lost in my back yard and fall asleep on the way to Sandusky ( 25 min from here) So I am NOT good driving material! HA! However I am happy to help her anyway I can:)

It was a super hot day We came home and had a little cook out with just us, cleaned up we all lounged around a short while then we went to the movies and saw MADEA! As we left the theater it started to rain, then storm! However it brought a comfortable cool front through and we managed to watch the Fireworks at a GREAT place so were home in 10 min once they were over!
What did you do on the 4th?
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