COTTON CANDY- trip home....

We spent the last day coming home looking for a Golden Coral. Funny how you see lots of them when you are NOT looking for them ha! We had breakfast at our friends and  after going to the HUGE flea market we headed for the 17 hr drive home! Adam mentioned how he would like to eat at Golden Coral. I do not normally like to eat at these places as we  especially me and Bill over eat! But it WAS vacation and I had been dying to try out the chocolate fountain! The kids also were excited about that and the cotton candy:) Which now they serve in their buffet!
We drove for hours until at last we FINALLY found one! we were completely starved as this now was 7:30pm! I Think at this point we were just a bunch of nuts and acted so! HA!
Adams idea was to grab a hat off the buffet and we all followed...

 I think Kedric ate 5 of those things! He would go up to the buffet and never come back only to late find him up there chowing them down! UGHHHHHH.....
 Adam is trying hard not to smile and look cool;) He was loving it!:)
 Oh the looks we got after countless plates of eating and then THIS? ha!
 I love this!
 Cotton candy is far from my favorite thing. I ate up on the macaroons and dipped them heavily in the chocolate which was divine:) However I did eat 2 of those cotton candys and I can say I got it out of my system to want anymore for a long long time:)

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