Sunday we had a random Family day as it was nice not to have to work or be pressured with anything! We drove around and went shopping and just toured areas a good hour away... We ran into a random pizza place where they sold cheese and pepperoni large pizzas for $5 and large loaded pizzas for $9 So I randomly created this set of items above! They had an interesting Selection....I picked Shrimp, asparagus, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, roasted garlic, sirloin steak, bacon, sausage and extra cheese:)  IT WAS GREAT!!!
Below is a photo of our fence! Finally completely put up and now we are brushing and rolling the stain on it!

 Kedric hard at work:)
 poor Bill, tired out, not sure from what.... also not sure why he chose to ly here and not the hammock next to this!
Well I think we will be staining for many days! The finished product is yet to come:)

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