Each and every year my Uncle Tom puts on the GINGERFEST!! It really is an awesome event! He makes the Conservation Club a winter wonderland for kids! He paints thick sturdy cardboard into a masterpiece! Below is a wood sign he has out front to welcome guests....
 The event goes on all week and is held for the public, this particular night was for friends and family...Jelena and I worked at it, Below is me doing the lollipop tree!!! It was fun;)
 As the nieces and nephews get older they are now helping instead of participating in the fun...each child leaves with a whole bag full of fun toys!
 Jelena was in charge of the craft:)
 This is a switch...my mom was the baker well to look like one, normally she is in charge of the craft but it was a very simple one this yr so she was in charge of helping the kids frost and decorate their cookies:)
 My mom and her 2 sisters my aunts...

 Kedric with a lollipop:)
 my uncles overseeing the prizes...
 Jelena is hard at work in there:) and to think all you are seeing is in fact cardboard! :)
 My uncle Tom makes this happen every year he is AWESOME!!!!
 Aunt Alysha and uncle Jim

 My Aunt Jody and cousin Cassandra! They are also part of the Gingerfest!!!
Another wonderful yr... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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