Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there! We had a good day! We had a wonderful meal and started watching movies, I had 2 I wanted my parents to see...1st I rented The Bucket List
I seen this movie already but it is so good! They liked it but mom personally liked the next movie we seen which is Evan Almighty both were great but my mom wants to own the 2nd one;) My parents love watching movies over and over when they like them to the point of memorizing them! Sometimes it can become nausiating;) none the less we had fun! Dad grilled the burgers cuz DH fell asleep! I can cook and bake but I have not even tried grilling! Open fire is a bit scary for me;) maybe someday! We had grilled burgers, I made jello( cherry and rasberry mixed with mandrin oranges in their juice) chips, salad, and deviled eggs...Dessert? Gotta have dessert! I made this yummy peanut butter pie topped with belgium chocolate truffles! YUMMY! 1 dessert is never enough here So I made my dads favorite which we ate after the 2nd movie Hot fudge brownie sundaes...
Heres me and MY dad! I was never so close as I would have liked with my dad growing up but My dad has never been the outgoing type! My dad is sincere, honest, loving, compassionate, understanding, mathmatically brilliant, much wisdom, thriftiest ( yes I get it honestly) and hard working Father! My dad is the best! I enjoyed spoiling my dad today while he watched, I mean slept through the movie, he enjoyed every bit of the back and foot massage that never ended;) I used to do this for my dad for hrs when I was little, I think God had me in training as I believe it is because of that I enjoy doing pedicures this day! I truely love it!
Today I also gave my DH a gift! He picked out the item HE wanted already which is a large Bow case for hunting! I also gave him this today! It is VS after shave moisturizer and a coffee mug candle which is a coffee scent!
Here he is after a relaxing day!
Happy Fathers Day to my 2 special men in my life! Happy Fathers Day to all you men out there!

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Jodi said...

Yummy dessert!! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday!!

Shionge said...

Two desserts!???!!! I suppose you do have some leftovers right?

Happy Father's Day to your men Tina :D

Liz McCoy said...

yes happiest of days to both those guys!!! I love seeing all the smiling faces in your family!!!


Nadine said...

Yummy dessert. The men in your life look happy. I bet you had so much to do with it.